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Who We Are And How We Can Help?

About us

A Short Description

The Humans

We are a family team, living in cave houses in the pretty village of Galera, in the north eastern tip of Andalucia, Spain, that is me, Craig and Sharon (la hefa – the boss).

We started our life here running a restaurant and then founded Spanish Inland Properties,which is still going strong, so if you fancy a real change of lifestyle check them out, ask for Sean, and don’t forget to mentionour names – Les & Craig.

A few years ago we founded GMBMulti, more or less as a experimental thing. We knew that our strategy was good and it has worked well in the past but we weren’t sure that would bring real value to all our clients. As we gained more experience with a range of clients working in various markets and in different countries we continued to improve our strategy and have consistently found our clients were getting good results and so we decided to make this our full time business.

Our motto “Growing Your Business Is Our Business” has brought us to her. Working with experts in the online marketing industry we continue to learn, further optimize our strategy and bring new products to market. Today, we can assure our clients that they will see real results within weeks or a few months at mos, how long depends on the strength of your the competition.

 Check out our latest product, WPOptimal, that we are currently bringing to market and expect to launch in a few weeks. WPOptimal is a revolutionary WordPress Framework Theme, that is Google proofed by catering for Google’s Core Web Compliance. Go here (active link)


Les & Craig

The Team

The Team including Bobby, Team Leader.

Are We Google Partners?


No, we are not partnered with Google in any way.

However we specialise in helping Businesses like YOURS get the benefits of Google Local, so you can enjoy all the Free Local Traffic that google provides.

Did you know Google is now focusing on Local Traffic, now that Mobiles are so popular? Mobile is reaching 60% of searches, which is great news for your business.

If the searcher is in the vicinity of your business, we can almost guarantee these potential customers will find you, and most likely above your competitors. Your Brand will be out there Big Time, in the Google Local Space. The best news is it’s 100% Free to get customers from Google’s  Local Search Engines. It’s called Google My Business.

If you do not Google Your Business, your competitors in your area will be enjoying all the benefits Google can supply in terms of Traffic to your Website, Email inquiries, and most important Getting your Phone ringing off the hook.

We’ve been in this space before it was even called Google My Business. Previously it was just local search. We’ve been helping business’s around the globe rank their Business at the top of the Local Rankings for years.

If you’d like a free appraisal in relation to getting your business at the top of Local Search contact us here.

who we are

Meet The Team

Craig Edwards

Co-Founder & CEO

Craig with Les started this business a few years ago and it soon grew to be a true family business. And that was possible thanks to the great opportunity of local marketing. We are really proud of our achievements.

Sharon Edwards

Lead Developer & Customer Relations

I slotted into the team after we started having success with local marketing, Google Maps, Google My Businenss optimization and three pack ranking for our clients and their business started to sky rocket. Now we are working with small and medium sized businesse in many locations.

PS: It’s important to love what you do!

Les Edwards

Marketing & Technical

Since I started working with Craig I have learned so much about local marketing and SEO in general, which is quite funny because I am the technical guy. Anyway it is all good now and I absolutely love working with this guys!

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Growing Your Business Is Our Business