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Getting Started With Google My Business

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Does Your Business Qualify for a Listing?

To qualify for a GMB listing you must come face to face with your customers either at your place of business (a storefront business) or at your customer’s location (a service area business).

How To Check If You Business Already Exists On Google.

knowledge panel** Search for Your Business on Google
** Enter your business name, city, state, county or province, telephone number etc. and make a record of the results.
** Also search for previous business names, phone numbers, or addresses.** Look for a “knowledge panel”  listing for your business,  which will be similar to the image to the right.





The way to see if a listing is verified is to view the listing in Google Maps. If you see the “own this business” or “claim this business” in the maps view then it has not been claimed. If you search for the listing in Search view it will have the “own this business” link as a way for business owners to claim/reclaim them more easily.

If your business is unclaimed then claim your listing as described below.

If you did not find your business then create a new GMB Listing.

How To Claim an Unclaimed GMB Listing

1. To claim a listing you need a Gmail or Google Account. If you do not have a Google Account , you can create one by following the instructions here and then go to the GMB Login and start building your listing.
2. Click the “Own this business?” link (desktop) or “Claim this business” link (mobile)
3. Follow the instructions to verify your information and claim the listing. For further information check out Google Support Add or claim your business listing.


How To Request Ownership of a Previously Claimed Listing

Storefront Business

1) Go to Google Business here and search for your business. There you will see “This listing has already been claimed”.
2) Click “Request Access” and submit the form.

Service Area Business

1) Enter your business information and complete the verification process. Once verified, you’ll see “Owner conflict”. You can then click “Request access” and submit the form.
2) The current owner will be emailed and you’ll also get a confirmation email.
3) Wait for the current owner to respond. This may take up to 7 days.
4) You can check the status of your request in the GMB dashboard or use the link in your confirmation email.
5) You’ll be notified by email if approved or denied by the current owner.

See Google support here.

What was the result of the request?

Approved – Setup Your Google My Business Account.
Denied – Contact Google My Business Support and make an appeal.
No response – Claim the listing again.

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