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WP Mobile First design is the biggest revolution since WordPress first came along in 2003.


What is WP Mobile First?

With Mobile First the webpage is designed, in the first instance, to suit a smartphone size screen which is considerably more restricted than the desktop size screen. The design is then expanded to fit tablet and desktop screens. Usually the design process is in the opposite direction.

Mobile First


A “mobile-first” approach for WordPress involves designing a page starting with the mobile version, that is optimised for smaller screens such as smartphones and then adapting the design for larger screens. This contrasts with the traditional approach of starting with a desktop site and then adapting it to smaller smartphone screens (this is known as graceful degradation).

WP Mobile First also hyper-optimizes your webpages for SEO from every technical aspect, meaning you will rank higher than a competing website with equivalent content and links.

Mobile First And Page Speed.

A second, very important, benefit of Mobile First design is site Page Speed, which is the time taken to load the contents of your webpage onto your viewing device. Slow Page Speed results in lower Google Rankings, higher visitor bounce rates and lower conversions to sales. Google recommends a maximum page speed of under two seconds.

There is a whole range of techniques for reducing page speed:

  • Image Optimization
  • Enable Compression
  • Minify Css, Javascript and HTML
  • Minimising Redirects
  • Removing Render-Blocking Javascript
  • Browser Caching
  • Improving Server Response Time and
  • Using a Content Distribution Network

Many of these are taken care of when you utilize the WordPress Theme WPOptimal.

You can check your site’s page speed by using Google’s Page Speed Insights.


Why Is Mobile First Design Important?

“Almost three quarters (72.6 percent) of internet users will access the web solely via their smartphones by 2025,

equivalent to nearly 3.7 billion people.” cnbc.com

Desktop vs Tablet vs Mobile

The use of mobile and tablets exceeds that of desktop 52.94% to 47.06 and shipments/sales of mobiles far exceeds that of desktops

Mobile vs Deskto Shipments

How Is WP Mobile First Achieved?

If you already have a WordPress site you do not need to completely rebuild your website from the ground up. There are two intermediate steps that you could adopt, which are considerably less expensive and provide some of the benefits of mobile first.

Method 1. Optimize Your Images For Page Speed
There are a number of ways you can optimize the images on your WordPress site but the simplest way is install the WPOptimal theme, click a button and within a few seconds all your images will be optized by image optimization engine and your website will load faster.

You can either install WPOptimal yourself, get your web designer to do it or we can do it for you.

Method 2. Rebuild Your Site Using WPOptimal
With this method you install the WPOptimal theme (developed for ease of use, speed, performance and image optimization) and rebuild your site using the “click and go” page builder, first in a subdirectory and when completed to your liking replace your existing site with the Optimal version. This might sound a little complicated but it is, in practice, both quick and easy.

Once completed you will have a SEO optimized site that is lightening fast to load. Again you can do this yourself, get your web designer to do it or ask us to do it for you.

Method 3. Build From the Ground Up Using WPOptimal
If you do not yet have a website or really want to take full advantage of Mobile First technology then use WPOptimal to build you site using Mobile First Design methodology.


WPOptimal Theme

What is WPOptimal?

WPOptimal is a Premium WordPress Optimized Mobile First Theme i.e. it is firstly a WordPress Theme, however it is unique in that it includes four other very important functions that other themes do not:

  • Puts Mobile First Design First
  • Website Search Engine Optimization, icludes Schema and has super fast page load speed.
  • A WordPress “Click and Go” Page Builder.
  • Google’s Core Web Compliance structure

WPOtimal will allow you to design your web page “your way”, which makes it different from other builders. Even complicated effects such as parallex can be achieved with a few simple clicks. You can do almost anything that you can think of doing with a website builder. This is an competitive world class, first to market product that delivers exceptional performance.

In the light of the coming Google’s Core Web Vitals update, load speed becomes every more important. It is no longer enough for a website to look good. It must perform very well. WPOptimal delivers lightening fast load speed for both mobile and desktop.

WPOptimal has been built from the ground up. It provides a solid framework that can be improved over time. It has the capability to grow as technologies develop.

WPOptimal, with its click and go approach, has an intuitive feel. It flows inline with how the brain works. The theme developers have been building sites for over 20 years and have been careful to develop a stream lined process to website building.The software has been future proofed and has been built on the latest coding standards to come into effect in 2021.

Other builders will fall away but WPOptimal will go from strength to strength.

WPOptimal is a cutting edge WordPress Page Builder and it is expected to have a life cycle of at least ten years as it has a modular system. The benefits of this are that it enables easy updates in the backend with no disruption to performance on the frontend. Its dynamic migration path makes it easy to convert existing WordPress sites.

This mobile WordPress theme has the ability to not only cater for the novice beginner but also caters for the advanced developer using Bootstrap code. The possibilities are almost endless.


WPO Control Center

Lightening Fast Load Speed.

Images are optimized in seconds. WPOptimal beats the best image optimizer’s on the market. Being minimalistic and flexible and adapting to your working style.

Simply install as you would any WordPress theme. It relies on WordPress as the content engine and achieves a great performance. WPOptimal comes with Internal SEO – so no need for SEO type plugins and no cache plugin is needed.

WPOptimal is a fully independent system for use on high end websites with the aim to get them to the top of Google.

Once you get your hands on this, you will never need another website builder. Not forgetting to mention that the support is exceptional too. Nothing being too much trouble.

Fast Page Building Of Even Complicated Webpage Designs.

  • Fully flexible and unconstrained by normal WordPress rules – header and footer on or off, easy to create a different appearance for different page types etc.
  • Sidebars on/off, widget areas as you chose for each page
  • Many preset advanced effects eg circular images, parallax etc for super modern designs
  • Technical optimization under the hood
  • Hyper fast (eg javascript module 6 lines of code vs 60 Gutenberg – an 87% reduction in bloat)
  • Really, genuinely, mobile first (mobile is all that matters for Google rank)
  • Google Core Web Vitals – fully compliant
  • HTML5 and CSS3

Technical usability

  • No SEO plugins required– fully SEO optimised out of box.
  • No caching plugins needed. WPO outperforms caching plugins right out of the box
  • No schema – schema automatically added with associated ranking benefit
  • Security – vulnerable WP loopholes closed
  • No widgets needed – fully flexible page design put what you want where you want
  • Rich media automatically added
  • Custom ‘modules’ for popular functions (eg exit pop) to bypass need for plugins
  • Image optimization automatic

Single Licence

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Includes WPO Membership & Optimization Tools


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WPO Premium

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and $97/month

Includes WPO Membership & Optimization Tools

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